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Liquid Focus: The Beta Test

The focus-boosting smart drink


We’re lucky to have an incredibly engaged community of early adopters at More Labs. So when we called our community to action for an early-access beta test, over 600+ people heeded the call. Keep reading to find out how we arrived at our final Liquid Focus formula. 

Why beta test?


Consumer product goods companies often pour millions of research dollars into market research, testing everything from packaging, taglines, commercials, ads, and even pricing through their product development cycle to “de-risk” the launch. It’s not uncommon for this process to take several months or even years. As a startup, we deeply believe in the value of consumer testing, but needed to take a scrappier approach to R&D.

Unlike A/B testing a mobile app feature, consumer products are more challenging to test. We had to narrow it down to the questions we wanted to learn most, and improve on other attributes in the future (see Morning Recovery V1, V2, and V3!). In this case, it was the tradeoff between flavor and formula strength.

What did we test?


During the creation of Liquid Focus, we were inspired by mimicking the impact of prescription drugs like Adderall using clinically proven, FDA-compliant, and GRAS (generally recognized as safe) ingredients. The challenge for Dr. Fu Chen and the product team came down to this: many effective ingredients just don’t taste well in a beverage (the format our consumers, again via survey, told us they prefer.)

So we selected 6 prototypes of Liquid Focus, all with different flavors and ingredient profiles, to test which one would be most favorable.

What did we judge?


We cared about observing efficacy (Did it work? How long did results last?), willingness to consume again (if so, why? Why not?), and evaluation of flavor.

What were the results?


We found that from a performance perspective, most of the formulas outside of the pure flavor variant (our “placebo”) performed similarly. This was great news! We could optimize for flavor without compromising the efficacy of the product. Here were some of the results:

  • On average, the effects of Liquid Focus lasted 3 hours (with over 44% remarking it had lasted between 2-4 hours and 21% reporting the effects lasting over 4+ hours).
  • 71% found the formula to be effective for boosting focus and concentration.
  • 73% found Liquid Focus an appealing fit for their lifestyles.
  • 71% said they did not feel a crash or loss of energy.

What did we learn?


We learned that taste really matters and many people didn’t like the bitter taste of some of the ingredients we used. We used these results to benchmark prototype performance and tweak the final formula so that we could improve on all the elements our customers care most about.

What did people say?


Here are some quotes from actual beta participants:


“I've prescribed a daily dose of Adderall for improved focus and very in tune with how my body reacts to "focus" products. I very much enjoyed your product and will substitute a couple of days out of my week with Liquid Focus so I don't have to use Adderall every day.” 

“I tend to crash around 2 p.m daily. I took this product at that time and felt like I accomplished more both at work and even when I got home I still had plenty of energy to keep up with my kids and my housework.”

“I was really exhausted and I had to work and knew that it was going to be a rough day. I felt pretty good during a long, serious meeting and had the energy to work on a presentation late.”

“After having the drink I'd say that within about 45 minutes or so I felt quite a boost. Was as though I had a cup of coffee but with a more gradual ramp up and an overall sense of calm in addition to focus and energy. There was no crash present and none of the ill effects that can come with caffeine intake. I felt that I performed really well in my class that afternoon, responding and reacting quickly given that I was tired before taking Liquid Focus, and graded for the entire 55-minute block at the end of the day which is typically my least productive time.”

Thanks to our community for helping us create the smart drink, Liquid Focus.


We’d like to thank our dedicated community for helping us test, learn, and iterate Liquid Focus. Ever since launching our first product, Morning Recovery, we’ve always believed in customer feedback and product iteration. If you have any thoughts to share, we’d love for you to join our Facebook Feedback Group. Together, we’ll make sure Liquid Focus, Morning Recovery, and all future products exceed your expectations in regards to taste, efficacy, and function. 

Get more done with Liquid Focus.


We can’t wait for you to feel the effects of Liquid Focus. Here’s to unlocking your full potential! 



Your first order is backed by our 60-day, risk-free guarantee. If you don’t love it, we’ll take it back. This product will not prevent intoxication nor enhance sobriety. Please celebrate and recover responsibly.