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This Former Tesla Staffer Became an Internet Millionaire in His Spare Time

"After one of them praised the drink on Product Hunt, a site that recommends consumer novelties to early adopters, thousands of people asked to try it.

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Backed by new retail partners such as 7/11, Urban Outfitters and Tao Group, Lee’s ambition is to scale More Labs into a biohacking beverage company that defies conventional product categories.

Products like Gatorade and Pedialyte just replenish electrolytes lost due to drinking, but Morning Recovery Drink does that and more.

But this beverage is more about results than taste: I woke up the next day feeling unscathed from all the beer.

This miracle potion may just become your liver’s best friend.

Now he's running his own with a mission to help you think clearly and feel energized no matter what you drank the night before.

This Former Tesla Staffer Became an Internet Millionaire in His Spare Time

We were promised jetpacks, etc., but the latest hype in techland surrounds something more workaday: Morning Recovery.

Throbbing headaches, stomach pain, light and sound sensitivity usually don’t make for good business – except when it comes to Sisun Lee.

With Liang as medical advisor, Lee established the company [More] Labs, releasing the popular Morning Recovery supplement.

CEO and co-founder of [More] Labs joins Cheddar to discuss his product and why 1.5 million bottles have been sold in their first year of business.

We would all have the same question: This works great, but how does it work?

Explosive demand across the U.S. soon convinced Lee to drop his job at Tesla to pursue the business full time.


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