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"Products like Gatorade and Pedialyte just replenish electrolytes lost due to drinking, but Morning Recovery Drink does that and more."

"Sisun Lee has worked at some of the most prominent companies on the planet, and now he's running his own with a mission to help you think clearly and feel energized no matter what you drank the night before."

"We were promised jetpacks, etc. but the latest hype in techland surrounds something more workaday: Morning Recovery."

"So what is it about this drink that has everyone so excited? The secret to that is an herbal ingredient called Dihydromyricetin (DHM) found in the raisin tree and rattan tea."

"Explosive demand across the US soon convinced Lee to drop his job at Tesla to pursue the business full time."

The Reviews are In

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Over 1,600 five star reviews.

4.9 average
776 reviews

"If you’re wondering if this stuff really works, rest assured it does! Pleasant taste, very portable and keeps you from feeling like death the next day!"


morning recovery

"I purchased the Liquid Focus. It’s exactly as others have said, it gives that focus without the crash and jittery feelings. I am hooked."


liquid focus

"Truly the best sleep aid out there. I've had severe insomnia for years and have tried many other sleep aids, and nothing compares to dream well."


dream well

"I loved this product. I usually use a different hydration technique when drinking and this performed so much better."


morning recovery

"Really helps with procrastination. This help me get in the chair and stay there, and blast through my to-do list. Huge fan."

Jimmy L.

liquid focus

"Worked great!

Popped this lil beaut after a night out with a heavy handed bartender and woke up feeling great! Highly recommend!"

Kristen G.

morning recovery