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Meet Your New Favorite Drinking Buddy

Between the lines.

Product news, updates, and insights all in one place. Read on to get more out of life.

7 min read

Melissa Chataigne | Founder of Melissa Chataigne Style

Melissa is a style consultant, personal development coach, speaker, and yoga teacher whose mission is to empower people and instill confidence through style and wellness. She’s big on time management, self-love, and positive body image....

6 min read

Reis Paluso | Co-Founder of MANDA

Reis Paluso is a father, surfer, environmentalist, certified wim hof instructor, and co-founder of MANDA, a sustainable sun care company that makes all their products with natural, good-for-your-skin ingredients that won’t harm the reef.  ...

6 min read

Tessa Young | Founder of Prism DJs

After realizing women were underrepresented in the male-dominated world of DJs, Tessa created Prism DJs — a booking agency that represents an array of female talent. She regularly books gigs for herself and her team...

9 min read

Jane Lee | Co-Founder of Launch Pop

After starting her first business and working at Shopify, Jane developed a passion for launching brands. That passion led her to co-found LaunchPop — a venture studio that helps VC-backed entrepreneurs bring their ideas to...

7 min read

Ryan Chen & Kent Yoshimura | Co-Founders of NeuroGum

Ryan and Kent were looking for something that would give them clean, focused energy to help them get more done. When they couldn’t find a product to meet their needs, they developed their own solution:...

7 min read

Therese Clark | Founder & CEO of Lady Suite

Therese has been a product developer and brand builder in the beauty industry for 20 years. Her company Lady Suite, which embodies self-love and celebrates women’s health, is among the first to create natural intimate...

7 min read

Sharrod Williams | Choreographer & Broadway Performer

Sharrod is a performing artist, teacher, and choreographer based in New York City. He took his passion for music and dance and transformed it into a career. He’s performed with esteemed concert dance companies, on...

6 min read

Leilah Mundt | Founder & CEO of Crème Collective

Leilah is the founder and CEO of Crème Collective, a global beauty, sales, and creative agency that represents a mix of well-known and up-and-coming brands in the luxury and clean beauty space. As a business...

8 min read

Leslie Monroe | Senior Research Fellow at The Smucker Company

Leslie is a mother, professional triathlete, respected veterinarian, and senior research fellow at The Smucker Company — working in all facets of product development, global pet food policy, and animal health. Her relaxed approach to...