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Former FDA Scientist’s Solution to Miserable Mornings After Alcohol is Now Available


Science's creation of Morning Recovery was probably just a matter of time. The drink is designed to accelerate recovery after a long night of drinking. The patent-pending formula is the brainchild of an FDA scientist who spent a lot of time in academia researching pharmaceutical science and neuroscience.

Get to know Dr. Fu Chen and his obsession with alcohol research

Tell us about your background and research.
I spent a lot of time in academia. One of my major areas of focus in the past was figuring out how our bodies can better absorb beneficial proteins using nanotechnology.

How come rough mornings after drinking get worse as I get older?
There are many theories on why rough mornings after drinking get worse with age. A likely reason is you have less liver enzymes to metabolize alcohol. There’s also research to suggest that your liver gets worse at its job over time. In any event, rough mornings after drinking are not fun. We have developed a product that helps support your body after a long night.

Why does alcohol affect people differently?
The short answer is that some people are just biologically better equipped to process alcohol. When alcohol is absorbed into the liver, it’s metabolized by two enzymes called alcohol dehydrogenase (ADH) and acetaldehyde dehydrogenase (ALDH) before it’s flushed out of the body. The amount and activity of these two enzymes greatly affects how tolerant we are to alcohol drinking — and some people naturally have more. Outside of this, other reasons like body weight, age, medical conditions, and drug use will also affect your tolerance.

Why is Morning Recovery better than other products on the market?
DHM is the hero ingredient in Morning Recovery — but not all DHM is created equal. In order for this liver-boosting flavonoid to be effective, it needs to be soluble. Our patent-pending technology maximizes the solubility of DHM and keeps it soluble as it makes its way through the stomach and into your gut. Solubility directly impacts DHM absorption and efficacy. The other products on the market do not take into account DHM’s solubility and thus can’t promise our level of efficacy.

What do you hope to accomplish with Morning Recovery now that you’ve joined the team?
I think you should always be looking for new ways to challenge yourself and that’s why Morning Recovery was so interesting to me. The company grew really quickly without sacrificing discipline in working with scientists to make sure the product worked. I’m excited to join the team and use my past experiences with the FDA and as an academic to bring new and innovative products to consumers.

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