Silicon Valley Biohackers Have Released the Solution to Miserable Morn – More Labs

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Meet your new favorite drinking buddy!

Silicon Valley Biohackers Have Released the Solution to Miserable Mornings After Drinking


Silicon Valley’s creation of Morning Recovery was probably just a matter of time. The drink is designed to accelerate recovery after a night of drinking, and its maker, Sisun Lee, is a former engineer at Facebook, Uber, and Tesla. In a world of work hard, play hard culture, Morning Recovery hit a jackpot.

After visiting his birth country of South Korea, Lee witnessed locals downing supplements that enabled them to wake up refreshed after a night of drinking. After learning first-hand how effective the magic elixirs were, Lee wanted to bring a similar product to the United States. He worked with Dr. Jing Liang, a USC professor who spent years researching hangovers, to develop a product aimed at mitigating the effects of a night of alcohol consumption.

Launched in Fall 2017, the drink went viral in Silicon Valley.

Keith Ryu, founder of San Francisco based hiring platform, Fountain, is a Morning Recovery believer. He buys hundreds of bottles for the company holiday party to prevent his employees from feeling rough the next day. He told the magazine INC: “I have a lot of weekend-morning coffee meetings. Sometimes, you show up and sound like a complete idiot. Not anymore.”

Morning Recovery is centered around a key ingredient called DHM, found in Japanese raisin trees — also known as hovenia dulcis. This plant-derived super ingredient helps break down the toxins produced when you consume alcohol. The latest version of Morning Recovery boasts a 5-star rating on Amazon.

Nate Bosshard, co-founder of San Francisco based fitness startup Tonal, is another customer who swears by Morning Recovery. He told INC: “I have a 12-pack in my fridge at all times. Not that I’m out binge-ing every night, but you know how it goes. You go out and get some drinks after work, then you have a beer or a glass of wine with dinner. I’m 38 and as I’ve gotten older, I can literally only have two drinks without feeling it the next morning. By drinking a bottle of Morning Recovery before bed, though, I wake up feeling whip-smart and ready to go.” He added, “People have been waiting for this for forever. This is like cold fusion.”

Try Morning Recovery — risk free.

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