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Learn more about our process and our highly-researched ingredients below.


We use patent-pending technology.

We’re raising the bar when it comes to process. Our patent-pending manufacturing technology maximizes the solubility of our main active ingredient, DHM. This leads to increased absorption, better digestibility, and a highly effective product.


We start at the source.

Our research and development team vets and tests all ingredients to ensure they meet rigorous quality, health, and safety standards. The origin of each ingredient and how they interact is important to us because it directly influences potency, bioavailability, and efficacy.


Science is rooted in everything we do.

Our scientific advisors and internal R&D team is comprised of leading doctors, research scientists, and experts. We work with them closely on our product development and to stay on top of the latest research findings.

Dihydromyricetin (DHM)

Helps support your liver’s natural ability to break down alcohol. Our patent-pending DHM blend maximizes solubility for superior efficacy.

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Prickly Pear Extract

Provides vital liver support and makes you feel less thorny after a night of drinking.


Milk Thistle

Delivers antioxidant-rich silymarin to support healthy liver function and reduce lasting damage.


Japanese Raisin Tree Extract

Provides liver protection and aids your liver’s natural detoxification processes.


Green Tea Extract

Supports the liver in neutralizing toxins and provides whole body antioxidant protection.


Korean Red Ginseng Extract

Improves antioxidant activity and helps to soothe an upset stomach.


Korean Pear Extract

Helps increase the activity of enzymes necessary for metabolizing alcohol.



Helps accelerate hydration by replacing the salt, potassium, and magnesium you lose when drinking alcohol.


Vitamin C & B Complex

Helps accelerate hydration by replacing the salt, potassium, and magnesium you lose when drinking alcohol.


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