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Not all DHM is created equal — why our patent-pending formula is superior.

Not all DHM is created equal — why our patent-pending formula is superior.

You might be surprised to hear that not all DHM products are created equal. In its original state, DHM is not water-soluble and can’t be absorbed by the body. This means that no matter how much DHM you take, it won’t help you. We weren’t okay with that, so we developed a patent-pending formula to maximize the solubility of DHM and increase the effectiveness of Morning Recovery.

What’s our process and why does it matter? Keep reading to find out.

Let’s start with a quick refresher on DHM.

DHM is a natural, liver-boosting super-ingredient derived from the Japanese raisin tree. As the star ingredient in Morning Recovery, it helps speed up the breakdown of toxins, so you don’t feel so rough the day after drinking. But don’t forget, solubility is the key to efficacy. 

What is solubility and why does it impact efficacy?

The solubility of a substance is the maximum amount of a material that can be dissolved in a given quantity of solvent. In order for DHM to be effective, it needs to be soluble (i.e. dissolvable) — and in order for DHM to be soluble, it has to be dispersed evenly in water to an extent that there are no visible particles left.

The problem with insoluble ingredients. 

Have you ever drank a bottle of kombucha and noticed there’s stuff at the bottom of the glass? Your body can’t properly absorb those nutrients because they haven’t been properly dissolved. Those insoluble particles are simply excreted from the body before you’re able to reap any benefits. The same thing goes for DHM. In order to reap the benefits of the liver-boosting flavonoid, it has to be soluble, so your liver can absorb it properly. When DHM isn’t soluble, it doesn’t reach your liver. Therefore, solubility can directly impact the absorption, digestibility, and effectiveness of DHM products.

A closer look at our product and pill-based DHM products. 

In order to illustrate solubility and the superiority of our DHM, we took pill-based DHM products and (tried) to dissolve them in water. As you can see below, the capsules or tablets don’t effectively disperse in water due to the fact that their ingredients aren’t soluble. Our product, in its natural liquid form, is a clear solution with no particles.

Ready-to-drink liquid vs. capsules and tablets.

Another thing that sets us apart is our liquid formula. We’re proud to be the first company in the United States to offer a ready-to-drink liquid supplement with DHM. Most other DHM products on the market come in capsule or tablet form. The reason behind our liquid DHM formula is intentional and we’ll explain why.

Capsules and tablets have to release their ingredients in the stomach before they’re absorbed by the body. When not controlled properly, these capsules and tablets can release ingredients too slowly or partially—inhibiting product efficacy. Liquid supplements act faster than capsules and tablets. The ingredients are already dissolved and released, and ready to be absorbed by the body to provide immediate benefits.

How our patent-pending technology maximizes DHM solubility and improves efficacy.

On its own, the DHM molecule is hydrophobic, meaning it hates water. This leads to poor solubility, especially in acidic environments like the stomach. In order to solve this problem, we paired DHM with a protective beta-cyclodextrin casing to make it perfectly soluble in water. The uniqueness of this beta-cyclodextrin molecule is that it has a hydrophilic (water-liking) exterior which makes it perfectly soluble in water, and a hydrophobic (water-hating) interior which makes it a perfect host for other water-hating molecules like DHM.

By putting these two molecules together, DHM sits comfortably inside the beta-cyclodextrin casing and is protected from precipitating from a solution into insoluble sedimentation. So, as the DHM/beta-cyclodextrin complex transports to your gut, DHM gradually leaves the casing and is absorbed by your intestine into your blood to help protect you from rough mornings after drinking.


Our patent-pending manufacturing technology maximizes the solubility of DHM and keeps it soluble as it makes its way through the stomach and into your gut. Other DHM products on the market do not sufficiently take solubility into account, and thus we believe our promise is unparalleled.

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