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5 ways to make sure your wedding guests are ready to party

5 ways to make sure your wedding guests are ready to party

Are you planning a wedding? Whether you’re a bride, groom, member of the party, or wedding coordinator, you’ve got one thing in common — you want to throw one helluva party and make sure guests have a good time. While there are a ton of ways to take your wedding to the next level, we compiled a list of 5 ways to get the party started and continuing!

Hint: Morning Recovery, our liver-boosting supplement that helps you bounce back after a night of drinking, plays a big role.

1. Prepare a welcome gift.

First things first, you want to kick the wedding weekend off with a killer greeting. It’s becoming common for couples to leave welcome bags for their guests when they check-in. This is an awesome way to create a first impression and make sure guests feel pampered! Fill them with items that will be helpful for guests to have on hand throughout the weekend. Things like mints, snacks, disposable cameras, and Morning Recovery are perfect!

2. Hire babysitters. 

This small detail often gets overlooked. If you have guests with small kids traveling from out of town, they may not be able to celebrate to the best of their ability without a babysitter. Talk to the hotels or compile a list of local babysitters that are available to help out throughout the weekend. This will take some pressure off your guests and enable them to party into the night!

3. Set up a Morning Recovery station.

We all know that wedding weekends are like marathons and in order to keep the momentum going, Morning Recovery is an important detail that can’t be forgotten. If you plan to dance and drink into the wee hours of the night, a Morning Recovery station is a must. Whether you decide to have bartenders serve Morning Recovery cocktails or simply hand out bottles to deserving party-goers, guests will thank you when they wake up feeling awesome.

4. Serve late night food.

This one might go without saying, but you’d be surprised to know how many guests don’t eat enough at weddings. Serve some midnight munchies between “Twist & Shout” and “Jungle Boogie” to re-energize guests so they can keep dancing and drinking the night away. Anything salty or sweet will do the trick!

5. Hand out awesome party favors.

Give your guests something to remember the night. Custom party favors go way beyond a traditional thank you when it comes to showing your family and friends how grateful you are that they attended your party.  Don’t forget to send them out with a few Morning Recovery bottles for the road. We know that the drinking doesn’t stop after the wedding night and there’s no such thing as too much Morning Recovery.

Convinced that you can’t throw a wedding without Morning Recovery? We’ve got your back. Check out our 24-pack (perfect for bachelor and bachelorette parties), or drop us a line for special discounts if you want to cover your entire wedding crew.

Not convinced yet? Take a look at some real-life wedding success stories below:

“Most of my guests hadn’t heard of Morning Recovery, but they were super excited about the thought of feeling great the day after our wedding. I have a few friends saying that they're thinking of stockpiling Morning Recovery bottles for future occasions. The Morning Recovery worked for my husband and I because we woke up early to watch the sunrise and then enjoyed a nice breakfast without a headache or nausea associated with too much drinking the night before. Tasted great too!”
- Stephanie Sprayregen
“Morning Recovery works! From a night that we all thought we would be waking up feeling a little under the weather, Morning Recovery took the reins and we woke up ready to go the next day! Thank you so much Morning Recovery — you were a huge hit at my brothers wedding!”
- Jordan Timmons
"With the wedding falling on a Saturday and a pool party organized for the following day, we were concerned our guests would struggle to continue celebrations with the same exuberance. Fortunately Morning Recovery was handed out on Saturday night and our guests returned the next day, fresh faced and ready to party! Thanks Morning Recovery…. you should be a staple offering at any wedding weekend!"
- Nick Priggen

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