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8 tricks to remember to take Morning Recovery.

8 tricks to remember to take Morning Recovery.

So here’s the thing, we named our breakthrough liver-boosting supplement “Morning Recovery” because it helps you bounce back in the a.m. Makes sense, right? Thing is, you’re supposed to drink it tonight — any time right before your first drink all the way through last call — not in the morning. Think of it like this, by the time you wake up, it’s too late, but if you start working on recovery before you need it, you can outsmart the morning after and wake up feeling awesome. No fog, no haze, no FOMO. (Finally.)

Check out these tricks to help you remember to down Morning Recovery before you need to recover:

1. Pre-game it.

Drink it right before you go out, say just after you order Uber, or just before you put on your lipstick and walk out the door.

2. Toast with it.

Some people kick off their night with tequila shots, and others toast with a proper glass of champagne. We say, why not jumpstart the night with Morning Recovery so you don’t have to worry about tomorrow.

3. Make it a mixer.

Morning Recovery’s smooth peach flavor isn’t an accident. We formulated the drink so it pairs well with a splash of your favorite spirit. Mix it into a signature cocktail as your first round to get the party started (or between rounds to keep it going).

4. Hit up your bartender.

Mixologists aren’t just therapists anymore. In the case of Morning Recovery, they’re also suppliers. If you forgot to pack your Morning Recovery, don’t worry, it’s sold in select bar locations, just ask someone behind the bar to score you one and put it on your tab.

5. Pop it on your nightstand.

Sure, Morning Recovery works best right after you're drinking but sometimes you need a reminder when you get home. Put it on a table right next to your bed and toss it back before you set your alarm for that early morning spin class. You’ll wake up ready to ride.

6. Leave it in your bathroom.

Strategically place it right where you’ll see it (even if you’ve got beer goggles) — in the medicine cabinet next to your toothbrush, near your face wipes or right next to the faucet. No matter how fun the night was, you’re already trained to take off your makeup and brush your teeth before bed. Leverage that training to help you ward off a sluggish, unproductive a.m.

7. Write yourself a note.

Whether you’re a Post-It on the Fridge kinda guy or a woman who leaves mantras on her mirror in lipstick, scrawl yourself a reminder and leave it where you’ll see it.

8. Stash it on your pillow.

Give new meaning to the expression “crash hard.” If you’re the type to pass out wearing tonight’s clothes and funky bar stench, placing Morning Recovery right where your head hits ensures you don’t forget. Desperate times call for desperate measures.

Well, now that you know the secret to success is a little bit of preparation, you're ready to go! What are you waiting for? Grab a 6-pack of Morning Recovery and never forget again.

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