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Meet your new favorite drinking buddy!

7 reasons people switch to Morning Recovery when drinking.

7 reasons people switch to Morning Recovery when drinking.

Let’s face it, going out is a high-stakes game. If you don't start tonight with the right wingman for your liver, think about all you’ve got to lose tomorrow: productivity, hydration, the contents of your stomach… even respect. And with so many wild myths, home hacks and newfangled elixirs the scene, it’s hard to know fact from fiction. We thought we’d help make your choice a little easier by listing all the reasons people are switching to Morning Recovery. Here we go.

1. We’re obsessed with science.

In a healthy way, of course. Some people read studies, others throw a few bucks at R&D. The Morning Recovery team partnered with one of the leading experts in the country — Dr. Jing Liang of the USC School of Pharmacy — to make the formula. While we’re super into farm to table, when it comes to ingredients for your liver, lab to bar table seems a little smarter. But that’s just us.


2. We’re powered by patent-pending DHM.

Buckle up if you geek out over big science words: DHM stands for dihydromyricetin, a flavonoid used in traditional medicine for centuries. It helps accelerate the breakdown of toxins that accumulate in your body while drinking alcohol. Fun fact: our founder discovered the ingredient on a business trip to Korea. He then partnered with USC to extract this liver superhero to max out its purity and effectiveness — so you can max out your bounce back-ability the morning after. Today, our formula is patent-pending and better than ever at helping you outsmart rough mornings after drinking.


3. We’ve got more electrolytes than leading sports drinks.

You’re probably not running a marathon the day after drinking, but your body is likely experiencing pretty high levels of dehydration the morning after. Rather than down a few bottles of your fave power drink, you can save the calories (and sugar) by tossing back Morning Recovery while you’re drinking to help stay hydrated the next a.m. P.S. don’t forget that water is also your friend.

4. We’re chock full of other awesome, superhero ingredients for your liver.

Think milk thistle (known detoxifier), vitamins C and B complex (supports natural enzymes), prickly pear, and Korean pear extracts (helps counter inflammation) and more. All that power in one tiny bottle...


5. We’re not just for livers anymore.

You know that fog, haze, memory loss and lack of concentration you normally get after a night of drinking. Those were the old days. DHM also helps lessen the “rebound effect” that alcohol has on your gray matter. Say goodbye to morning-after headaches and hello to more productivity.

6. We’re free.

That is, free of unhealthy ingredients or known allergens. Does a morning-after remedy really need to be made with nuts, soy, lactose, caffeine, animal products or GMOs? Nah, we don’t think so. (BTW, your body doesn’t either.) 



7. We’re versatile.

You can drink Morning Recovery as your first toast of the night, in between rounds while you’re out, or your last call of the night. It’s got a tasty peach flavor that makes it great to toss back alone. If you’re the kind of person who has a signature cocktail (cheers to that), try subbing in Morning Recovery as a mixer.  


So what are you waiting for? Switch to Morning Recovery today.

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