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Meet your new favorite drinking buddy!

A Q&A with our head of R&D, Dr. Fu.

A Q&A with our head of R&D, Dr. Fu.

Earlier this year we established a Scientific Advisory Board, comprised of leading doctors, scientists and experts, to work closely on our product development and stay on top of the latest research findings. Last month, we hired a seasoned FDA expert and PhD holder to join our in-house team. Dr. Fu Chen will be leading our R&D and continuing to improve the efficacy of Morning Recovery. Learn more about his experience and why he’s excited to join the Morning Recovery team.

Get to know Dr. Fu.

Morning Recovery: Tell us about your background and research.

Dr. Fu: So I spent a lot of time in academia researching pharmaceutical science and neuroscience. One of my major areas of focus in the past was figuring out how our bodies can better absorb beneficial proteins using nanotechnology.

Morning Recovery: That sounds high-tech! How would you explain that in a nutshell and how does it relate to Morning Recovery?

Dr. Fu: Let me first explain bioavailability. In short, bioavailability is the amount of a supplement that is actually absorbed into the bloodstream. Certain ingredients are absorbed differently. One of my research interests was to figure out how to use nanoparticles to deliver proteins, so instead of your body absorbing 10% of the good stuff, it would take in even more. That’s also what I’m working on here at Morning Recovery. The more bioavailable a supplement is, the more health benefits for you! With each new version of Morning Recovery, we want to make sure that the stomach can absorb all the healthy nutrients, so that you can wake up feeling even better after drinking.

Morning Recovery: Why did you start working for the Food & Drug Administration?

Dr. Fu: Everyone in academia and the industry always talked about the importance of the FDA. It has so much influence and impact over everyday consumer products and I was intrigued. With a passion for promoting and protecting public health and with a bit of luck, I was brought on to be an FDA Fellow. I spent my time researching and analyzing drug applications, reporting on product quality, and drafting industry guidelines.

Morning Recovery: Can you tell us more about how they protect consumers?

Dr. Fu: A lot of people complain that it takes a really long time to get FDA approval. The reason is that a lot of companies don’t have vigorous processes in place to control product quality and that leads to deficiencies. It’s up to the FDA to analyze these impurities and decide whether or not the product is safe for consumption. This is also the top reason why products are turned away and the most crucial part of consumer safety. Imagine if you ate a chocolate bar and found out, after the fact, that 10% of it was contaminated with petroleum. How would you feel?

Morning Recovery: Lastly, what do you hope to accomplish with Morning Recovery now that you’ve joined the team?

Dr. Fu: I think you should always be looking for new ways to challenge yourself and that’s why Morning Recovery was so interesting to me. The company grew really quickly without sacrificing discipline in working with scientists to make sure the product worked. I’m excited to join the team and use my past experiences with the FDA and as an academic to bring new and innovative products to consumers. 

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