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Meet your new favorite drinking buddy!

Why Millennials need this new blue drink.

Why Millennials need this new blue drink.

Your work hard, play hard lifestyle is catching up to you, isn’t it? As the weeks pass, it’s harder and harder for you to go from the office to happy hour without hitting snooze at least 10 times the next morning.

Lucky for you (and for everyone else) you can keep up with your social life without the scary morning wake up call. Throwback this little blue bottle before going to bed and you'll wake up ready to roll.

How? What? Why? Where has this been all your life? We know, we know. Your life is about to change for the better and we’re here for it.

Morning Recovery is formulated with magical properties that will let you party to your heart’s content and feel like a champion in the morning. (Even if your definition of a party is just a glass or two with dinner.)

But, there’s actually nothing magical about it. World-class scientists put their heads together to create a snooze-proof concoction that’s infused with a naturally-derived blend of liver superhero dihydromyricetin (DHM for short), prickly pear, Vitamin B complex, and other liver-boosting ingredients. Not only does it help mitigate the effects of a rough morning but it also tastes peachy and delicious. Win, win. 

Here are a few scenarios where this new blue drink will come in handy.

1. Sunday Funday.  

You love a good Sunday Funday, but chances are, you skip a few because of work the next day. With this little blue drink, you can say goodbye to Sunday Scaries.

Morning Recovery Beverages 

2. Accidental midweek drinks.

Sometimes, you just need a drink after work or class. Whether it’s because you just signed a new client at work or you finished writing your thesis, the bar seems to be screaming out your name.

The next thing you know, it’s midnight on a Wednesday and you show no signs of stopping. With a bottle of Morning Recovery before you finally head off to sleep, you can take back your schooner without the consequences.

3. Three-day music festivals. 

Music festivals are your mecca. All of your favorite artists and people come together to enjoy beautiful music, crazy food, and, of course, a few of your favorite beverages. While music festival season is the best time of year, it gets harder and harder to have the same stamina day after day. Drinking, dancing, and endless running between stages catch up to you—fast.

Good news, you can be a true music festival veteran with this little blue bottle. You’ll never miss a set, you can always have your favorite elixir in hand, and you can dance the day away with ease. Morning Recovery and music festivals go hand in hand.

4. Presentations and deadlines. 

Maybe you’re fresh out of college and into the real world. Or maybe entertaining clients is naturally part of your job. Whether you’re jet-setting or enjoying happy hour with the coworkers, presentations and deadlines won’t wait for you to recover from a night out. Keep a few Morning Recovery bottles on hand for times like these. That way you can roll with the group and resume work the next day with a confident and fresh face.



Millennials are in for a wild ride. Being prepared for whatever life throws your way is easier and less scary than you might think. Try Morning Recovery and see for yourself. You’ll be ready for that next big thing that comes your way, or your money back.

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