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Meet your new favorite drinking buddy!

5 reasons golfers choose Morning Recovery for above par results.

5 reasons golfers choose Morning Recovery for above par results.

It’s no secret that a cold one on the golf course can maximize your experience. Whether the occasional nip improves your game, or you're simply looking for something refreshing on the back nine, drinking on the links is nothing new. So, if you plan to imbibe before, during, or after — don’t forget to pack Morning Recovery in your golf bag.

We’ve outlined 5 reasons why you can’t hit the course without this liver superhero drink.

1. It has more electrolytes per ounce than leading sports drinks.

Dehydration can wreck even the best of games. After 5+ hours walking the course in the sunshine and sipping on adult beverages, you’ll be looking for a solution to replace electrolytes lost during play. Morning Recovery is the answer. Rather than downing a few bottles of your favorite sports drink, save the calories (and sugar) by tossing back a bottle of Morning Recovery. You’ll feel hydrated and ready to take on the rest of your day.

2. It has proven ingredients known to help your body detox.

Morning Recovery is a liver-boosting supplement designed to help the body detox and expertly metabolize alcohol. Its main active ingredient, DHM or dihydromyricetin, helps accelerate the breakdown of toxins that accumulate in your body while drinking alcohol, such as acetaldehyde and ethanol. What does this mean for golfers? You can enjoy a few stiff ones on the course without paying for it later.

3. It can be shared with friends.

When you buy a 6-Pack, you can share the wealth with your foursome. Then you’ll be able to mitigate the effects of drinking on the course, together. Plus, you’ll score major points with your group.

4. It’s your best bet if you’re looking to be productive after your game.

With early tee times, you lead the way and get to play on greens that are virtually untouched. You can sip on Bloody Mary’s and enjoy the quiet of the course. Now, with the help of Morning Recovery you’ll still have the afternoon to be productive.

5. You can drink it before, during, or after you tee it up.

We think versatility is key. You can drink Morning Recovery before you start hitting balls, in between holes, or after your last round at the 19th hole. It has a tasty and refreshing peach flavor that you can toss back alone or mix with the spirit of your choice. You’ll be happy you did when you head home refreshed and ready to get on with your day.

If you’re striving for a hole-in-one day on the course, don't leave home without Morning Recovery. What are you waiting for? Grab a 6-Pack to bring along for your next round. Your golf game and your buddies will thank you.


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