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Your guide to watching (and surviving) the 2018 World Cup.

Your guide to watching (and surviving) the 2018 World Cup.

The World Cup is the greatest show in soccer. Whether you’re a footy fan or not, everyone enjoys the camaraderie of watching a game with friends.

As the games heat up and the drinks keep flowing, we’ve prepared a guide to help you watch and survive The 2018 World Cup. Hint: you’ll want to get your hands on our liver superhero drink to detox and rehydrate. 

Morning Recovery at World Cup Viewing Party

Don’t sleep in. This time around games are in Russia which mean early morning and early afternoon start times. Some bars will be open at 5am for the diehards who can’t miss a kick. Our friends over at UrbanFutsal LA, who kindly sent over these photos, have been hosting viewing parties at the crack of dawn. Recipe for disaster? Thanks to Morning Recovery, we don’t think so.

Not into the bar scene or group viewing party? You can live steam the 2018 FIFA World Cup at FOX Sports. More of a homebody? Cue up your teli and watch from the comfort of your own couch.

Make hydrating drinks.

Remember, it’s a marathon not a sprint. Whip up some Morning Recovery cocktails or sip down our little blue-labeled bottle between cold ones. Morning Recovery is designed to help the body detox and expertly metabolize alcohol — this means you’ll be feeling sharp and ready to get on with your day once the match ends. 

Morning Recovery Drink at World Cup Viewing Party

Get off the bench.

Unless you’re the substitute goalkeeper (or a blanket), warming the bench isn’t good for your health. Don’t watch three World Cup games on the spin without getting off the couch. Get up for a walk or stretch at half. Your body will thank you.

Guy Drinks Morning Recovery at World Cup Viewing Party

Find time to rest.

Like we mentioned above, games start early and replays run late. Decide when you’ll be spectating and make sure to factor in enough time to get some r&r. Sleep contributes to your mood and you don’t want to be the grumpy guy at the office during the World Cup. Just don’t forget to drink a bottle of Morning Recovery during the festivities or after your last drink.

Stock up on Morning Recovery.

It’s still business as usual during the World Cup. How can you get through all the day drinking and keep up the productivity at work? Morning Recovery is the secret to success. Thanks to DHM and other liver-boosting ingredients, you can say goodbye to the after-alcohol symptoms and hello to more productive days.

Now that you know the secret to watching and surviving the World Cup, grab 6-pack for your viewing party and don’t be afraid to share with your friends.

We’re giving rough mornings the red card. With Morning Recovery, it’s a new ball game.

World Cup Viewing Party and Morning Recovery

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